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I am an independent public policy analyst working in education, skills, labor market, and social protection. I work mostly as a consultant for the Education Global Practice at the World Bank, in which I have worked in more than 15 countries in the regions of Europe and Central Asia and Middle East and North Africa. During this time, I have participated in key education reforms, and have acquired relevant experience in policy dialogue with high-level government officials through project design and implementation as well as key analytical activities.  

Additionally, I have worked in other projects with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of Spain, the Department of Education of the Basque Government, y the NGO Save the Children. I am a regular collaborator of the Atlántida Project (an education innovation network in Spain), Fundación COTEC (being part of their 100 expert network) and the consulting firm KSNET. 

I have a PhD in Economics at the Basque Country University, I hold a MSc in Economics at CEMFI, a MSc from Mathematical Modeling at the University College London and a BSc in Mathematics at the Basque Country University. 

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