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This is a selected list of the key projects in which I have worked over the last years.

School Value Added Measures in Bulgaria

Authored the key report of a project which aims at strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Education to use student and school level performance learning data for improvement and accountability purposes.

Child Inequality in Spain

Through the consulting firm KSNET, managed and co-authored the background report of the Save the Children 2016 Flagship report on child inequality.

Arabic Reading in Palestine

Co-led a Technical Assistance consisting of coordinating a series of workshops on early grade reading skills which involved the participation of staff from different departments of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Palestinian National Authority.

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Big Data for Health in Estonia

Worked as team economist in a project aiming understanding the state of health care integration from a health system perspective through collection and modeling large data sets from the Ministry of Health of Estonia.

Education Reform in Kosovo

Participated in the design of a project in the Republic of Kosovo of aiming at strengthening selected system issues (teachers, education financing and planning, and student assessment). Co-authored the education chapter of the Public Finance Review.

PISA Analysis in Europe

Designed a tool to analyze education quality across countries through the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey. Co-authored six country reports in the regions.

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